Crab Salad

I have been so slow moving today, I cannot seem to get anything done! I spent so much time doing a few things that I completely forgot to eat lunch at a reasonable hour. Here I am at 3:30 finally eating my lunch and trying to multitask. I figured something quick and light would do the trick and make sure I wasn’t going to have to wait until super late to eat my dinner.

I usually make tuna salad when I put myself in this situation, but today I remembered I had some imitation crab in my fridge that needed to be used. With the time being so late in the afternoon I didn’t really want to spend a whole lot of time on making something so I took out the stand mixer to make things go a little faster. Did I mention I was STARVING? I have noticed when I am dying of hunger I tend to eat less healthy than intended. Not the smartest way to treat your body; starve it then feed it junk….

I usually don’t just have the crab salad; I pair it with some fresh veggies, maybe a salad, some crackers, and some fruit. Today was Red pepper slices, a sliced apple, crackers and some pickles. Yes, I love pickles! There is pickle relish in the salad as well!

I didn’t give my crab salad the allotted 1 hour chill time, which doesn’t do the salad any justice because when it is chilled, its amazing!

I hope you enjoy!



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