Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites

My husband’s favorite sweet treat of all time are peanut butter cups. It is the perfect combination in my opinion, sweet and a little bit salty. Since the holidays are upon us, I figured that I would make this little sweet treat and make it a little bit festive with my snowflake molds!

I don’t usually like working with chocolate because it is so temperamental but I tried this recipe an easier way so it would be more motivating to try. In the baking aisle there is large package of milk chocolate candy coating chocolate. I bought that in order to make this recipe a little easier.

I melted that chocolate by filling a pot with water and putting a few chunks of the chocolate in a bowl. I put the bowl with the chocolate over the pot with water. The bowl needs to be heat proof. The pot on the stove needs to have about an inch or two of water in it and the heat proof bowl cannot be touching the water. If this is not the way you want to melt your chocolate you can melt in the microwave in 30 second intervals stirring the chocolate in between each 30 seconds.

This is a fun and easy recipe that you can do with your family or just for a holiday party ‘wow’ factor!

Use a silicone candy mold for best results!


chocolatechocolate 2

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