Hearty Tomato Soup

This recipe is based off of the Nordstrom tomato soup. Lunch and shopping is the best way to spend a day and I love warm soup and some bread, maybe a small salad for lunch. Tomato is one of my top 5 favorite soups and Nordstrom’s tomato soup is soooooo good!

I feel like I got this recipe pretty close to the real thing, but there are a lot of copy cat recipes out there for Nordstrom’s tomato soup. I did make my recipe milk free because I like the flavor better. I use unsweetened and unflavored almond milk. You can easily make this recipe vegan as well by replacing the chicken stock with vegetable stock. There are so many variations you can use for this recipe to make it work for your lifestyle. If you like whole milk and chicken stock for a richer soup that is perfectly fine!

I will usually make this recipe and freeze half of it for later use. Its great to have on hand in case I am feeling lazy and I don’t want to cook. I am trying to do this with all my soups so I can save some time and money!

soup soup2


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