Green Apple Arugula Salad

Happy New Year’s Eve!! I am going to start adding as many healthy recipes as possible! I always try to start the new year with my health in mind but I always succumb to a large supreme pizza! I have a hard time saying no to pizza.

Since I love my junk food, I have tried to make as many easy and delicious meals that will satisfy my taste buds enough that I won’t want to eat my junk food. This salad seems to do the trick for me since there is a pop of sweet throughout.

I made this recipe to be super simple to put together. I used a store bought salad dressing, but I am working on my own recipe for the dressing as well. The store bought dressing just makes meal prepping a little easier when you are in a hurry. I always love a simple option and I just love this dressing! I will link the dressing below.

Sweet Onion Dressing

I do a lot of my shopping at Sprouts, their produce is seriously priced so much better than other grocery stores! I can get more produce for less and they have such a variety!Green Apple Arugula Salad


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