Green Apple & Cranberry Muffins

Hopefully everyone had a fantastic New Years and the resolutions are sticking so far! I am currently on a green apple kick if you couldn’t tell! I have never liked green apples and I am trying to make myself like them. I am more of a Fuji apple type since it’s not so tart! I have a few recipes so far that I am enjoying and I have overloaded them with green apples, a few savory and a few sweet!

This recipe is my version of a protein packed healthy breakfast option! It is easy to grab and go in the morning and it will absolutely fill you up until lunch time. There is zero added sugar in this recipe and the sweetness comes from the fruit. I have not added any dairy either.

I love a portable breakfast and these muffins are so easy to grab on the go! I keep these muffins in the refrigerator since they are pretty much egg muffins with oats but I personally think everything is better cold, including pizza!

muffins 1muffins 2

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