Chicken and Mushrooms

Mushrooms are my go to side dish for a lot of meals I cook. My husband loves mushrooms in any capacity and always adds mushrooms to any meal he cooks for me. Mushrooms are low in fat, calories and are cholesterol free, super high in fiber and have over a dozen minerals and vitamins! They are the perfect food for any meal and taste great!

My husband has his mushroom recipe down to a T, I season but he gets the edges nice and crispy, which I love. Initially the way he made the mushrooms were a mistake, we left them in the pan too long while going back and forth to the grill. They weren’t burnt but the edges got really crispy and golden brown so we figured they were still good for our dinner. They were amazing! We are sticking with this way from now on!

Since we love mushrooms so much, this recipe was right up our alley. We added a green bean side and it was the perfect dinner! Let me know what you think!


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